Department of Lifelong Learning: Study Skills Series

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Currently the following documents are available:



Note taking skills - from lectures and readings

This information sheet outlines the basic lecture and written source note taking skills.  It covers why notes are an important part of studying, how to take, organise and store notes and includes an activity that can be used to test yourself.

Reading skills

This help sheet introduces you to ways that you can maximise a skill you already possess, in a way that makes the best use of your study time.

How to ... ‘Answer assignment questions’

When you are first given an assignment topic, you may wonder where to begin. This guide will help you understand what is being asked of you.

Referencing - The Harvard System

As a student, it is important that you identify in your assessment when you are using the words or ideas of another author. The most accepted way of acknowledging the work of another author is to use a referencing system.  At the Department of Lifelong Learning you are required to use the Harvard referencing system. 

Referencing Harvard in colour

A colour coded guide outlining the steps to creating a reference

A brief guide to writing essays

This guide will help you plan and write your essays, and includes tips on gathering and sorting material, writing your first and second drafts and reflection before submission.

Assignment Presentation

The look and presentation of your essays is critical at university.  This information sheet will enable you to submit an essay that contains all essential elements appearing in the correct order, follows essay presentation rules and conventions and is edited, proof-read, and error free.

Oral Presentation

This is designed to help distance learning students prepare for their oral presentations. The first section of this handout deals with general tips for oral presentations, while the second section will go on to deal with specific issues for students who present from a distance.

The longer documents have a pdf version for ease of printing