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Music One2One was a music education research project based at University of Exeter School of Education and Life-Long Learning (SELL). It was funded jointly by Youth Music and the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation. It tok place in 2004.

The Aims of Music One2One

 The primary aim of Music One2One was to raise the quality of caring for under-two-year-olds by encouraging developmentally appropriate one-to-one, playful musical activity between carers and their babies and toddlers. The project intended to arrive at recommendations and practical suggestions for music in the upbringing of very young children. The ideas will be flexible and appropriate for use by a wide range of early childhood professionals and adaptable to existing early childhood and parenting support programmes. The final reporton this project is now available.

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Contact us

If you require more information, would like to discuss relevant issues, or are interested in training or in ways of using music with children under two, contact us as follows: