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Frequently Asked Questions

Is attendance at Welcome Week compulsory?

How will I get to know my tutors and fellow students if I'm studying at a distance?

What resources are available for Postgraduate Students?

What documents do I need to bring with me to Exeter?

I need to arrive two weeks late - what should I do about the lectures I will have missed?

I will need somewhere to live when I get to Exeter can you help?

How do I register?

I need to set up a bank account when I arrive in the UK - can you help?

How do I get my Uni Card?

How can I set up a meeting with my supervisor?

How do I pay my fees - all in one go, or in installments?

What will the classes be like?

What is Exeter like?

How will I find my way around a new campus and city?

What will the tutors and lecturers be like?

Will I be the only international student on my course?

Are there social places on campus just for postgraduate students?