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Publications 2007

The Graduate School of Education is one of the largest in the country, embracing a considerable variety of research activity, from large-scale externally funded programmes to small-scale collaborations with local teachers.

For full lists of all publications from staff of the Graduate School of Education currently in print please choose a year:


  • Claire, H. & Holden, C.  (eds) (2007). The Challenge of Teaching Controversial Issues. Stoke-on-Trent: Trentham.
  • Coombe, C., Al-Hamly, M., Davidson, P. & Troudi, S.  (eds) (2007). Evaluating Teacher Effectivess in ESL/EFL Contexts. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.
  • Hicks, D. & Holden, C.  (eds) (2007). Teaching the Global Dimension: Key principles and effective practice. London and New York: Routledge.
  • James, D. & Biesta, G.J.J.  (2007). Improving learning cultures in Further Education.  London: Routledge.
  • Jendli, A., Troudi, S. & Coombe, C.  (eds) (2007). The Power of Language: Perspectives from Arabia.Dubai, UAE: TESOL Arabia Publications.
  • Levinson, M.P. & Silk, A.  (2007). Dreams of the Road: Gypsy Life in the West Country.  Edinburgh: Birlinn Books.
  • Wegerif, R.  (2007). Dialogic, Education and Technology: Expanding the Space of Learning.  New York: Springer.
  • Wright, T. & Bolitho, R.  (2007). Trainer Development. .

Journal Articles

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Chapters in Books

  • Badger, R. & MacDonald, M.N.  (2007). The uses of grammar: a corpus based investigation of the term ‘grammatical’ in the British Press.  In M.Conrick & M.Howard (eds) From Applied Linguistics to Linguistics Applied: Issues, Practices, Trends Cork: British Association of Applied Linguistics.
  • Biesta, G.  (2007). Den kommunikative vändingen i Deweys Demokrati och Utbildning. [The communicative turn in Dewey's 'Democracy and Education] In T.Englund (ed.) Utbildning som Kommunikation (pp. 33-50). Göteborg: Daidalos.
  • Biesta, G.J.J.  (2007). "Det här är min sanning, berätta din". Dekonstruktiv pragmatism som filosofi för utbildning. ["This is my truth, tell me yours". Deconstructive pragmatism as a philosophy for education.] In Y.Boman, C.Ljunggren, M.Von & Wright (eds) Erfarenheter av Pragmatism (pp. 47-76). Lund: Studentlitteratur.
  • Biesta, G.J.J.  (2007). Foundations of democratic education: Kant, Dewey, Arendt.  In R. van der Veen, D. Wildemeersch, J. Youngblood & V. Marsick (eds) Democratic Practices as Learning Opportunities (pp. 7-18). Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.
  • Biesta, G.J.J.  (2007). Interrupting Hope.  In D.Vokey et al (eds) Philosophy of Education (pp. 280-282). Urbana-Champaign: Philosophy of Education Society.
  • Biesta, G.J.J.  (2007). Democratic education after Dewey? In R.Casale & R.Horlacher (eds) Bildung und Öffentlichkeit (pp. 78-92). Weinheim: Beltz.
  • Burden, P. & Troudi, S.  (2007). An Evaluation of student ratings of teaching in a Japanese university context.  In C.Coombe, M.Al-Hamly, P.Davidson & S.Troudi (eds) Evaluating Teacher Effectiveness in ESL/EFL Contexts (pp. 152-166). Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.
  • Choy, S.C. & Troudi, S.  (2007). Teacher perception of teaching English in Malaysian schools: A case study. In S.Midraj, S.Jendli & A.Sellami (eds) Research in ELT contexts (pp. 85-102). Dubai, UAE: TESOL Arabia Publications.
  • Colman, A.M., Pulford, B.D. & Rose, J.  (2007). Collective rationality, team reasoning, and focal points. In C.C.Aktan (ed.) Advances in Economics: Theory and Applications. Volume II Turkey: Yasar University.
  • Craft, A.  (2007). Possibility Thinking in the Early Years and Primary Classroom. [invited chapter] In A.G.Tan (ed.) Creativity: A Handbook for Teachers (pp. 231-249). Singapore: WSPC.
  • Cunliffe, L.  (2007). Towards a more complex description of the role of assessment as a practice for nurturing strategic intelligence in art education.  In T.Rayment (ed.) The Problem of Assessment in Art and Design (pp. 89-106). Bristol: Intellect Books.
  • Fisher, R.  (2007). Talking of Talk: How exploration of the object can illuminate participants’ understandings of classroom discourse. In S.Poyhonen & R.Alanen (eds) Language in Action - Vygotsky and Leontievian Legacy Today (pp. 223-244). Newcastle: Cambridge Scholar Press.
  • Hennessy, S.  (2007). Issues of Diversity in Contemporary Music Education Practice.  In C.Wimmer & I.Malmburg (eds) Communicating Diversity - Musik lehren und lernen in Europa (pp. 98-106). Leipzig: Wissner-Verlag.
  • Hennessy, S.  (2007). Issue of diversity in contemporary music education practice.  In C.Wimmer & I.Malmburg (eds) Communicating Diversity - Musik lehren und lernen in Europa Leipzig: Wissner-Verlag.
  • Holden, C.  (2007). Young People's Concerns.  In D.Hicks & C.Holden (eds) Teaching the Global Dimension: Key principles and effective practice. (pp. 31-42). London and New York: Routledge.
  • Holden, C.  (2007). Gender and Citizenship. In K.Myers (ed.) Genderwatch: Still watching. (pp. 169-174). Stoke on Trent: Trentham.
  • Holden, C.  (2007). Student teachers' views.  In D.Hicks & C.Holden (eds) Teaching the Global Dimension: Key principles and effective practice. (pp. 43-54). London and New York: Routledge.
  • Holden, C.  (2007). Teaching controversial issues.  In D.Hicks & C.Holden (eds) Teaching the Global Dimension: Key principles and effective practice. (pp. 55-67). London and New York: Routledge.
  • Hunt, C.  (2007). Towards an understanding of what it might mean to research spiritually.  In L.Servage & T.Fenwick (eds) Learning in Community: Proceedings of the Joint International Conference of AERC and CASAE (pp. 301-306). Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: American Adult Education Research Conference (AERC).
  • Martin, F  (2007). The Wider World in the Primary School.  In D.Hicks & C.Holden (eds) Teaching the Global Dimension: Key principles and effective practice. (pp. 163-175). London and New York: Routledge.
  • Martin, F  (2007). School Linking: A controversial issue.  In H. Claire & C. Holden (eds) Teaching Controversial Issues in Democratic Societies (pp. 147-160). London: Trentham.
  • Martin, F.  (2007). The development of effective teachers of primary geography: Is it time for a new paradigm? In Halocha, J. & Pollard, A. (eds) Conceptualising Geographical Education (pp. 65-80). London: Institute of Education, University of London.
  • Mercer, N., Dawes, L., Wegerif, R., Sams, C. & Fernandez, M.  (2007). Computers, literacy and thinking together. In Adams, A and Brindley, S. (eds) Teaching Secondary English with ICT.  In (pp. 1-18). Maidenhead, Berkshire: Open University Press.
  • Myhill, D.A.  (2007). Reading the World: Using Children’s Literature to teach Controversial Issues.  In H. Claire & C. Holden (eds) Teaching Controversial Issues in Democratic Societies .
  • Norwich, B.  (2007). Categories of special educational needs.  In L.Florian (ed.) Handbook of Special Education (pp. 55-67). London: Sage Publications.
  • Osberg, D. & Biesta, G.  (2007). Rethinking Schooling Through the "Logic" of Emergence: Some thoughts on planned enculturation and educational responsibility.  In R.Geyer & J. Bogg (eds) Complexity, Science and Society (pp. 35-38). Oxford, New York: Radcliffe Publishing Ltd.
  • Osberg, D.C. & Biesta, G.J.J.  (2007). Rethinking Schooling Through the “Logic” of Emergence. Some Thoughts on Planned Enculturation and Educational Responsibility.  In R.Geyer & J. Bogg (eds) Complexity, Science and Society (pp. 44-49). Abingdon, Oxford: Radcliffe Publishing Ltd.
  • Priestley, J.G.  (2007). The peace that passes all secular understanding: facing religion and ourselves. In J.Astley, L.J.Francis & M.Robbins (eds) Peace or Violence: The Ends of Religion and Education? (pp. 30-45). Cardiff: University of Wales Press.
  • Priestley, J.G.  (2007). The Lumber Merchant and the Chocolate King: The Contributions of George Hamilton Archibald and George Cadbury to the Sunday School Movement in England and Wales. In P.Briggs & S.Orchard (eds) The Sunday School Movement: Studies in the Growth and Decline of Sunday Schools (pp. 124-141). Milton Keynes and Waynesboro, GA.: Paternoster Press.
  • Robinson, W.  (2007). 'The policy and politics of gifted education in England: past and present perspectives.  In D.Crook & G.McCulloch (eds) History, Policy and Policy Making London: .
  • Schäfer, N.  (2007). "I mean, it depends on me in the end, doesn't it?" Young people's persepctives on their daily life and future prospects in rural east-Germany.  In R.Panelli, S.Punch & E.Robson (eds) Global Perspectives on Rural Childhood and Youth New York: Routledge.
  • Troudi, S.  (2007). The Effects of English as a Medium of Instruction.  In A.Jendli, S.Troudi & C.Coombe (eds) The Power of Language: Perspectives from Arabia (pp. 3-19). Dubai, UAE: TESOL Arabia Publications.
  • Troudi, S.  (2007). Negotiating with multiple repeaters.  In C.Coombe & L.Barlow (eds) ELT teacher research in the Middle East (pp. 161-172). Alexandria, Virginia: TESOL Publications.
  • Wegerif, R.  (2007). Die Rolle der ICT als Katalysator und Unterstützer von Lerndialogen. In H. von Mitzlaff (eds) Internationales Handbuch: Computer/ ICT, Grundschule, Kindergarten und Neue Lernkultur Hohengehren: Schneider Verlag.
  • Wood, E.  (2007). Listening to young children: multiple voices, meanings and understandings.  In A.Paige-Smith & A.Craft (eds) Reflecting on Practice: Exploring Issues in Early Years Education and Care. Maidenhead: Open University Press.
  • Young, S.  (2007). Music-making as Forms of Interaction: A Focus on Young Children’s Processes of Play with Instruments’.  In S.Leong, V.Rogers & D.Symons (eds) Music-Culture-Society: Selected papers from the John Blacking Symposium (pp. 256-272). Perth Australia: University of Western Australia Press.
  • Young, S.  (2007). Digital technologies, young children, and music education practice. In K.Smithrim & R.Upitis (eds) Listen to Their Voices (pp. 330-343). Waterloo, Ontario: Canadian Music Educator’s Association.

Other publications

  • Aylward, K.  (2007).  Review of Ipgrave, J., Just Now Stories: Exploring Social Justice in the Literacy Hour.  Birmingham: Christian Education Movement, 2006 in RE Today 24(2).
  • Grief, S., Meyer, W. & Burgess, A.  (2007). Effective Teaching and Learning: Writing.   London: National Research and Development Centre for Adult Literacy and Numeracy.
  • Hall, E.  (2007). Review of: Doddington, C. & Hilton, M. (2007). Child-centred education: Reviving the creative tradition. London: Sage. .
  • Hall, E.  (2007). Review of: University of Bristol, Graduate School of Education. (2007). The Bristol guide: Professional responsibilities and statutory frameworks for teachers and others in schools. Bristol: University of Bristol. .
  • Hall, E.  (2007). Review of: Galton, M. (2007). Learning and teaching in the primary classroom. London: Paul Chapman. .
  • Hall, E.  (2007). Mixed Messages: The role and Value of Drawing in Early Education. Paper presented at the British Educational Research Association Annual Conference 2007, Institute of Education, London. .
  • Hetherington, L.  (2007). Views of Planet Earth: Systems Thinking in Earth Science Education Pilot Study.Paper presented at the British Educational Research Association conference, September 2007. .
  • Holden, C.  (2007). A Decade of Difference: Changing concerns, changing citizens. [Commissioned research paper] citizED .
  • Lawson, H.  (2007). Improving transition planning , in European Journal of Special Needs Education 22(1).
  • Morgan, A.  (2007). Review of Social learning in environmental management: towards a sustainable future by Keen, Brown, and Dyball, (Eds), 2005, London, Earthscan , in Environmental Education Research 13(1).
  • Morgan, J., Williamson, B., Lee, T. & Facer, K.  (2007). Enquiring Minds: A guide. .
  • Murphy, C.  (2007). The constructive role of the conceptual metaphor in children's arithmetic: A comparison and contrast of Piagetian and embodied learning perspectives.  Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal 22 .
  • O'Regan, J.P. & MacDonald, M.N.  (2007). Report On The Development Of National Occupational Standards In Intercultural Working: Phase 1.  London: CILT.
  • Rose, J. & Reynolds, D.  (2007). Improving Professional Development and Knowledge Transfer: Final Report.   Innovation Unit, DfES: .
  • Sing, S.  (2007). Review of Marilyn Lichtman, Qualitative research in education: a user's guide, California: SAGE Publications Inc. , in British Educational Research Journal 33(4).
  • Tedder, M. & Biesta, G.  (2007). Learning from life and learning for life: Exploring the opportunities for biographical learning in the lives of adults. Working Paper 7 of the Learning Lives Project .
  • Troudi, S.  (2007).  Review of Bill Johnston, Values in Language Teaching.  Mahwah, New Jersey 2003: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2003 in Studies in Second Language Acquisition 27(4), 631-632.
  • Walshe, K.  (2007).  Review of Blaylock, L. & Draycott, P., Moving On Up: Using stories from religions to explore beliefs about God.  Birmingham: RE Today Publishing, 2007 in RE Today 24(2).