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Professor Brahm NorwichProfessor Brahm Norwich

Special Educational Needs (SEN), inclusive education, children's perspectives, SEN pedagogy, dilemmas of difference, moderate learning difficulties, SEN policy and practice, future schooling SEN/inclusive education, special educational needs, SEN/disability policy and practice, psychology, psychological, inclusion, lesson study, early intervention

Awaiting ImageDr Hazel Lawson

inclusion special educational needs diversity pupil participation severe learning difficulties SEN narrative approaches

Dr Hannah Anglin-JaffeDr Hannah Anglin-Jaffe

Special Educational Needs,Disability Studies,Deaf Culture,Hearing Impairment,Cochlear Implant,Literary Theory

Awaiting ImageProfessor Jane Seale

Special educational needs, disability, accessibility and digital Inclusion, use of technologies by adults with severe learning disabilities, methodological developments in user involvement and participatory research, student voice and inclusive practices in higher education

Awaiting ImageDr Alison Black

Equity, diversity and inclusive schooling; personalised learning; special educational needs and disability; stakeholder voice; futures studies, scenario planning and evaluation; educational policy development; school population trends; curriculum development; science education.