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There are 3 staff with related research interests:

Dr Hannah Anglin-JaffeDr Hannah Anglin-Jaffe

Special Educational Needs,Disability Studies,Deaf Culture,Hearing Impairment,Cochlear Implant,Literary Theory

Awaiting ImageDr Alison Black

Equity, diversity and inclusive schooling; personalised learning; special educational needs and disability; stakeholder voice; futures studies, scenario planning and evaluation; educational policy development; school population trends; curriculum development; science education.

Dr Martin LevinsonDr Martin Levinson

Gypsies, Romani Studies, marginal groups, nomadic education, migrants, cultural identity, childhood, home/school education discontinuities, identity, culture, cultural/educational dissonance, home-school-interface, literacies (school-based, community based and personal), alternative forms of play, orientations towards time and space; cultural experiences of childhood