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Postgraduate Module Descriptor

EFPM286: Educational Issues, Policies and Practices - Flexible Study

This module descriptor refers to the 2018/9 academic year.


NQF Level7
Credits60 ECTS Value30
Term(s) and duration
Academic staff

Dr Shirley Larkin (Lecturer)

Keith Postlethwaite (Lecturer)





Available via distance learning


The module is available to individuals and groups of teachers in a school or group of schools. It is designed to support youin taking a literature-based, research driven approach to issues of concern toyourself and your colleagues.

This module will enable you to collaborate with your professional colleagues either within your own establishment or across a group of similar educational establishments to work on a topic/issue which is common to you all.  You will agree this topic amongst yourselves and with the help of the module tutor. An example of a suitable topic might be assessment practices in primary key stage 1. In this example you might work with experienced colleagues from other schools, NQTs and mid career teachers to firstly pool your knowledge and resources and to focus on specific research questions related to assessment. With the help of the module tutor your group will design a project which will enable each individual to contribute and which will result in something useful for all members of the group. The only pre-requisites for this module are that you fulfil the entry requirements of the programme and that there are a minimum of 10 individuals in the group. You will work with the module tutor to decide on the support you need to complete the task. This might include research skills, specialist subject knowledge, help with defining concepts and theoretical understanding or help with organization and working collaboratively. The outcome of the module can take many forms for eg. a report; a set of resources; an on-line resource; an assessment instrument. These might be written, audio or video files or a combination of different outcomes in different media for different purposes. In order for each individual member of the group to attain credits for the module, all individuals must fulfil the programme entry requirements and must be registered on the programme. In addition, each individual must make clear what their contribution to the overall outcome was and provide a 2,500 word written reflection on the process of working in this way.

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