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Primary PGCE - Anticipating Practice and Pre-Course Tasks to complete

Pre-course Tasks

There are a number of tasks described in the sections below that you are asked to complete prior to starting the course that form part of the taught course during the first few weeks of term.  Please complete everything that is asked of you in readiness for the first week of the taught course. Download the following checklist to help you with this:

‌ Primary PGCE Trainee Checklist

The Primary PGCE programme begins with two weeks of school experience (known as Anticipating Practice) prior to starting the taught provision on campus on Monday 19 September 2022.  You will need to arrange these visits yourself and they can be in your home area.  During this fortnight, there are Anticipating Practice Tasks to be completed relating to your observations and time spent in school settings.  The weeks designated for this experience are week beginning Monday 05 September and week beginning Monday 12 September 2022. 

As part of your Anticipating Practice experience, you should engage with the age ranges immediately before and after the ones you are training to teach, so please ensure that your Anticipating Practice experiences cover the following in one or two settings of your own choosing:

  • one week in a primary school (this should include some reception/early years foundation stage experience if you are on a 5-11 route* e.g. Primary English, Humanities, Maths, Science or Teaching & Learning as well as some time in a Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 setting)
  • one week in a secondary school - specifically Key Stage 3 (11-14 age range)

 (* if you are on the Primary Art or MFL programme you are on a 7-11 route and so only need to gain experience of Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 during your primary week.)

Please see our Anticipating Practice FAQs‌‌ for further information. 

Note: If you are a School Direct @Exeter trainee, your Lead School will manage the Anticipating Practice experience visits and will provide you with instructions on what you need to do, so do liaise with them before making any arrangements yourself.

Once you have arranged your two weeks you will need to confirm the details of your Anticipating Practice experience weeks to the Partnership Office.  They will be in touch with you directly and will ask you to upload the details you have arranged to an online portal so please look out for this email and respond as soon as you can.

Prior to your Anticipating Practice weeks starting, the Partnership Office will write to the schools you have made arrangements with to confirm you have a satisfactory DBS (if they have received it by then) and they will also include an Anticipating Practice Feedback Form‌ for each school to complete with you about your time with them.  Please make sure your schools complete this form and then pass it to you at the end of your visit.  You will be asked to upload this form to your electronic portfolio at the beginning of the course (instructions on how to do this will be provided at the beginning of the course).

Note: if you are not able to secure any time in schools for any reason, please contact the Partnership Office on to discuss alternative arrangements.  It will be possible to complete the corresponding Anticipating Practice Tasks without being in a school setting if necessary, but you are encouraged to get some experience in schools during this fortnight if you possibly can. 

Note: if you are a School Direct @Exeter trainee, you should also get your Anticipating Practice school(s) to complete the Anticipating Practice Feedback Form and then you will need to upload it to your electronic portfolio at the beginning of the course.

Anticipating Practice Tasks

Below is a document containing tasks for you to complete during the Anticipating Practice two weeks in September (05-16 September).  

These tasks should be well presented as they will contribute to the evidence required for the award of your PGCE and will form the basis of group and individual discussions with your tutor during the first weeks of the taught course.  So please keep your completed tasks document safe as you will need to add it to your electronic portfolio of evidence during the first few weeks of the course 

Primary PGCE Anticipating Practice Tasks


Fundamental Skills Audits

All trainees need to demonstrate a certain level of English and mathematics by the end of the course before QTS can be awarded.  This is a DfE requirement.  To start this process, please download the following two audit documents and spend as much time as you can developing and improving your English and mathematics skills before the course starts.  

Fundamental Skills English Audit
Fundamental Maths Skills Audit

Again, please keep these completed documents safe as your tutor will discuss the outcomes of your audits with you in the first weeks of the taught course and you will be asked to upload them to your electronic portfolio.  There will be plenty of opportunities during the course for you to work on any areas you identify as needing improvement.

Please download Introduction to the Curriculum Subjects and Initial Needs Analyses 

This is an introduction to all the curriculum subjects along with an initial needs analysis for each area for you to complete in order for you to identify what you do not know or have forgotten so that you can revise/brush up on and complete some self-study exercises.  It also includes some suggested reading.  Please make sure you complete all the audits - you will be asked to upload them to your electronic portfolio at the beginning of the course.

Pathway Leaders also have their own additional tasks, reading lists and general information to impart relating to the individual pathways.  Please click on the relevant link below to access the pathway-specific pre-course information relating to your pathway.

Primary Art Pathway
Primary English Pathway
Primary Humanities Pathway
Primary Mathematics Pathway
Primary Modern Languages Pathway
Primary Science Pathway
Primary Teaching & Learning Pathway