Foreword - Janice Kay

Janice Kay


I am thrilled that this month sees the launch of the University's Inspiring Academic Practice journal with such an excellent first edition. I hope that you will find it will give you inspiration to share your evidence, examples, thoughts and views on innovatory academic practice in future editions. This is a timely publication for staff, students and others associated with the University. This week marked the 50th anniversary of the publication of the Robbins report, which transformed fundamentally UK higher education. The role of HE, it suggested, was to teach skills; to produce cultivated men and women; to maintain research in balance with teaching; and to promote common standards of citizenship – aims still current today. We are justifiably proud of the research we do at Exeter, and proud equally of the academic quality of the education we give to our highly talented students. Research and Education have a truly symbiotic relationship. We now have an in-house academic journal that has research and evidence at its heart.

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