Reflections on identity, learning and learning styles in Sport and Health Sciences

Louise Croft


The United Kingdom Quality Assurance Agency provides an external assessment of teaching standards and aims to improve the quality of teaching in higher education. Alongside this, the postgraduate certificate in academic practice (PCAP) at the University of Exeter encourages lecturers to critically analyse what constitutes an effective learning environment for students in higher education. As a neophyte lecturer who teaches the importance of reflection to my students, I wanted to do just that myself by describing the theoretical considerations of good teaching practice alongside ideas of change for my own teaching practice. As Coffield, Moseley, Hall and Ecclestone (2004) ask, ‘how can we teach students if we do not know how they learn?’ To begin, I will talk about my perception of academic identity and how this can then lead to interpreting students’ and my own learning styles. I will then discuss where my changes of practice will focus: exploring ways to enhance deep learning in students.

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