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POMJ 10 Version 1, October 31st 1997

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The aims of this Journal are to foster awareness of philosophical aspects of mathematics education and mathematics, understood broadly to include most theoretical reflection, to disseminate new thinking in these topics to interested persons; and to encourage informal communication, dialogue and international co-operation between teachers, scholars and others engaged in such research or thought.

This is the second issues of The Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal published exclusively on the Web, and I (the editor) am waking up to the wonderful possibilities that this mode of publication offers. It is cheap and it means that the issues are not restricted in length by cost concerns. But it also means that any issue need not reach some permanent final state - it is always be possible to incorporate later submissions and readers’ comments into it, which is why it is called Version 1 and dated October 31st 1997.

I therefore call upon you, the reader, to submit comments, responses, or to make your own statement for inclusion in this issue. The quickest way is via E-Mail to . It also means that readers might like to recheck the issue periodically for new contributions.

Please send any items for inclusion to the editor at the address below for this or subsequent issues including a copy on disc or E-mail. Welcome items include short contributions, letters, discussions, provocations, reactions, half-baked ideas, notices of relevant research groups, conferences or publications, and books or papers for review. If in doubt, send it in.

Editorial policy. In keeping with the aims of the journal the editorial hand is used very lightly. This is an international unrefereed journal which aims to stimulate the sharing of ideas for no other reason than an interest in the ideas and love of discussion among its contributors and readers. If a contribution has some relevance to the broad areas of interest concerned, and contains some features of value it will be included; and these criteria are used very liberally.

Thank you. I want to say thank you to the members of the organising group listed in previous issues for supporting, contributing, editing, and giving respectability to this newsletter and journal through lending their names for its masthead. Thanks also to Mrs. Pam Rosenthall, Mathematics Technician at University of Exeter School of Education for technical assistance in posting this and the previous issue on the web.

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