JOURNAL 13 (2000)

PoME journal 13,

July 2000 Editor: Paul Ernest.


Paul Wilson The use of CAT screening tests in identifying special educational needs in mathematics


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Howard Walter An investigation into the affective profiles of girls from single-sex and co-educational schools, as they relate to the learning of mathematics.


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Geoffrey Roulet

Exemplary mathematics teachers: subject conceptions and instructional pratices


Addie Hare Revealing what urban early childhood teachers think about mathematics and how they teach it: implications for practice


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David Wiffen The algebra gap between GCSE and A level


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Hazel Clifford A comparison of gender-related attitudes towards mathematics between girls in single-sex and co-educational schools. PDF version

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Aim of the Journal

The aim of this journal is to foster awareness of philosophical aspects of mathematics education and mathematics, understood broadly to include most kinds of theoretical reflection; to freely disseminate new thinking in these areas to interested persons; to encourage informal communication, dialogue and international co-operation between teachers, scholars and others engaged in such research and reflections.


Editorial policy.

In keeping with the aims of the journal the editorial hand is used very lightly. This is an international unrefereed journal which aims to stimulate the sharing of ideas for no other reason than an interest in the ideas and love of discussion among its contributors and readers. If a contribution has some relevance to the broad areas of interest concerned, and contains some features of value it will be included; and these criteria are used very liberally.

Please send any items for inclusion to the editor including an electronic copy on disc or E-mail. Word for Windows versions 6, 95, 97 and HTML files preferred, but most word processing formats can be accommodated. Most items are welcome include papers, short contributions, letters, discussions, provocations, reactions, half-baked ideas, notices of relevant research groups, conferences or publications, reviews of books and papers, or even books or papers for review. Diagrams, figures and other inserted items are not always easy to accommodate and can use up a great deal of web space, so please use these economically in submissions.


Copyright Notice.

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The theme of this issue is the teacher-as-researcher. The studies included here have all been carried out by recent or serving teachers in the UK, USA or Bermuda.



The journal is made possible by the generous support of University of Exeter. Special thanks go to Mrs. Pam Rosenthall, Mathematics Technician at the School of Education for technical assistance in publishing this journal on the web.

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