PoME journal 15, March 2002

Editor: Paul Ernest.


Paul Ernest

Empowerment in Mathematics Education

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Nahid Golafshani Teachers' Conceptions of Mathematics and Instructional Practices PDF Version
Stephen Campbell Early Mathematics Education PDF Version
Richard Hall Thought Processes in Simplifying an Algebraic Expression PDF Version
Lim Chap Sam Public Images of Mathematics PDF Version
Richard Hall An Analysis of Errors Made in the Solution of Simple Linear Equations PDF Version

Aim of the Journal The aim is to foster awareness of philosophical aspects of mathematics education and mathematics, understood broadly to include most kinds of theoretical reflection and research in mathematics education; to freely disseminate new thinking and to encourage informal communication, dialogue and international co-operation between teachers, scholars and others engaged in such research and reflections.

Editorial policy. The editorial hand is used very lightly. This is an international unrefereed journal which aims to stimulate the sharing of ideas for no reason other than an interest in the ideas and love of discussion among its contributors and readers. Please send any items for inclusion to the editor as a virus-checked E-mail attachment or on disc. Word for Windows and HTML formats preferred. Most items are welcome including papers, short contributions, letters, discussions, provocations, reactions, or reviews. Please use diagrams, figures and other inserted items sparingly.

Copyright Notice. All materials published herein remain copyright of the named author, or editor if unattributed. Permission is given to freely copy this journal's contents on a not-for-profit basis, provided full credit is given to the author and the journal.

Acknowledgements. The journal is made possible by the generous support of University of Exeter and special thanks go to Mrs. Pam Rosenthall for help.

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