Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal No. 20 (June 2007)

Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal ISSN 1465-2978 (Online)

Editor: Paul Ernest




Tine Wedege  Doing Gender in Mathematics Education: Intentions of Research in Denmark and Norway (doc, 104kb)

Alakanani A. Nkhwalume  Deconstructing the Scholarly Literature on Gender Differentials in Mathematics Education: Implications for Research on Girls Learning Mathematics in Botswana. (doc, 116kb)

Paul Ernest  Questioning the Gender Problem in Mathematics (doc, 102kb)


Dennis F. Almeida &George G. Joseph  Kerala Mathematics and its Possible Transmission to Europe (doc, 103kb)

Paul Ernest  The Philosophy of Mathematics, Values, and Kerala Mathematics (doc, 86kb)

Kwame E. Glevey  Pupils of African Heritage, Mathematics Education and Social Justice (doc, 207kb)


Barry Cooper  Dilemmas in Designing Problems in ‘Realistic’ School Mathematics: A Sociological Overview and some Research Findings (doc, 104kb)

Renuka Vithal  Researching, and Learning Mathematics at the Margin: From “Shelter” to School (doc, 53kb)

Carol V. Livingston   The Privilege of Pedagogical Capital: A Framework for Understanding Scholastic Success in Mathematics (doc, 142kb)


Sal Restivo & Deborah Sloan  The Sturm und Drang of Mathematics: Casualties, Consequences, and Contingencies in the Math Wars (doc, 167kb)

Mark Boylan  Teacher Questioning in Communities of Political Practice (doc, 65kb)


Jere Confrey  Teaching Teachers to Use Data to Inform Issues of Equity and Instruction (doc, 58kb)

Fiona Walls  Using Rights-Based Frameworks for Rethinking Teacher-Directed Pedagogies of Mathematics (doc, 68kb)


Melinda Browne  Mathematical Identities of Boys in Special Education: A Case Study (doc, 71kb)

Oliv G. Klingenberg  Geometry: Educational Implications for Children with Visual Impairment (doc, 4Mb)

Mariella Tanti   Teaching Mathematics to a Blind Student - A Case Study (pdf, 5Mb)


This is the first part of a Special Issue on Social Justice. The Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal no. 21, published September 2007, also carries a number of further articles on this and related themes.

For details of the Aims of the Journal and Editorial policy see previous issues.  Graduate students are warmly invited to submit coursework assignments and theses for inclusion in this journal, to make available otherwise inaccessible resources for the benefit of the research community in mathematics education and/or the philosophy of mathematics.    

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