Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal

Number 25 October 2010 (Special Issue on Critical Mathematics Education)

Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal        ISSN 1465-2978 (Online)

Editor: Paul Ernest



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Ole Skovsmose Mathematics: A Critical Rationality?

Ole Skovsmose  Can Facts be Fabricated through Mathematics?

Paul Ernest  The Scope and Limits of Critical Mathematics Education

D. F. Almeida  Are there Viable Connections between Mathematics, Mathematical Proof and Democracy?

Ubiratan D’Ambrosio  Ethnomathematics: A Response to the Changing Role of Mathematics in Society

Annica Andersson  Can a Critical Pedagogy in Mathematics lead to Achievement, Engagement and Social Empowerment?

Ieda Maria Giongo & Gelsa Knijnik  School Curriculum and Different Mathematics Language Games: A Study at a Brazilian Agricultural-Technical School

Mario Sánchez & Morten Blomhøj  The Role of Mathematics in Politics as an Issue for Mathematics Teaching (pdf)

Hilary Povey  Teaching for Equity, Teaching for Mathematical Engagement

Randall Collins & Sal Restivo  Robber Barons and Politicians in Mathematics: A Conflict Model of Science

Sal Restivo & Randall Collins  Mathematics and Civilization

Marilyn Frankenstein  Critical Mathematics Education: An Application of Paulo Freire’s Epistemology

Michael W. Apple  Reform through Conservative Modernization: Standards, Markets, and Inequality in Education

Peter Appelbaum  Sense and Representation in Elementary Mathematics

Maria Nikolakaki  Investigating Critical Routes: The Politics of Mathematics Education and Citizenship in Capitalism

Tony Brown  Cultural Continuity and Consensus in Mathematics Education

M. Sencer Corlu  A Historical Analysis of Democracy in Mathematics and Mathematics Education in European Culture

Laura J. Jacobsen  Embedding Mathematics in the Elementary Teacher Education Curriculum Network

Lawrence M. Lesser  The Necessity of Equity in Teaching Statistics 



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