Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal
No. 27 (April 2013)

Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal        ISSN 1465-2978 (Online)

Editor: Paul Ernest



Paul Ernest and Allan Tarp  Postmodern Mathematics Education: Script For Animated Movie Discussion

Bill Atweh  Is the Good a Desire or an Obligation? The Possibility of Ethics for Mathematics Education

Bal Chandra Luitel and Peter Charles Taylor  Fractals of ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Logics: A Post/modern Proposal for Transformative Mathematics Pedagogy

Mônica Mesquita and Sal Restivo  All Human Beings as Mathematical Workers: Sociology of Mathematics as a Voice in Support of the Ethnomathematics Posture and Against Essentialism

Paul Ernest  What is ‘First Philosophy’ in Mathematics Education?

Ilhan M. Izmirli  Wittgenstein as a Social Constructivist

Mdutshekelwa Ndlovu  Revisiting the Efficacy of Constructivism in Mathematics Education

Matthew. B. Etherington  The Perceptions of Mathematics and the Mature Age Second-Career Teacher

Eric D. Smith  Gödel’s Incompleteness and Consistency Theorems Elucidated with Principles of Abstraction Levels, Complementarity, and Self-Reference

Zhang Xiao Gui  Thinking Analysis to the Process of Mathematical Creativity of Mathematicians

John Cable  More Equal than Others: A View from the Grassroots

Egan J Chernoff  Probabilistic Relativism: a Multivalentological Investigation of Normatively Incorrect Relative Likelihood Comparisons

Giuseppe Iurato  Mathematical Thought in the Light of Matte Blanco’s Work

Fayez Mourad Mina  Mathematical Truth and Mathematics Education

Mona Nosrati   Sets, Groups and Relations - A comparative study of the aims and purposes of mathematics education in relation to ability grouping in England and Norway

Alison Pease  A Computational Model of Lakatos-style Reasoning

For details of the Aims of the Journal and Editorial policy see earlier issues up to no. 19.  Graduate students are warmly invited to submit coursework assignments and theses for inclusion in this journal, to make available otherwise inaccessible resources for the benefit of the research community in mathematics education and/or the philosophy of mathematics.    

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