Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal
No. 29 (July 2015)

25th Anniversary Issue

Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal        ISSN 1465-2978 (Online)

Editor: Paul Ernest



Paul Dowling  Social Activity Method: A Fractal Language for Mathematics
David W. Stinson & Erika C. Bullock  Critical Postmodern Methodology in Mathematics Education Research: Promoting another way of Thinking and Looking
Florian Schacht & Stephan Hussmann  Between the Social and the Individual: Reconfiguring a Familiar Relation
Galit Caduri & Einat Heyd-Metzuyanim  Is Collaboration Across Incommensurable Theories in Mathematics Education Possible?
Heather Mendick  Using Popular Culture to Teach Maths
Elizabeth Jackson  Student Primary Teachers’ Perceptions of Mathematics
Paul Ernest  Problem Solving: Its Assimilation to the Teacher's Perspective
Barbara Pieronkiewicz  Affective Transgression as the Core Objective of Mathematics Education
Laura Golnabi  The Conditions of Flow and Mathematical Problem Solving
Inês Hipolito  What is a Mathematical Proof in the Age of Modern Theorem Provers
Andreas Moutsios-Rentzos & Panagiotis Spyrou  Fostering internal need for proof: A reading of the genesis of proof in ancient Greece
Michael DeVilliers  I Have a Dream and Crossed Quadrilaterals
Sean Chorney  The Practice of Learning Mathematics as Comprising Three Parallel Processes: Mathematics, Tool and Student
Regina Dorothea Moeller  Teaching the Concept of Velocity in Mathematics Classes
Anna Bellamy  A Critical Analysis of Teaching and Learning Negative Numbers
Jeffrey David Pair  Is God a Mathematician?
Douglas Henrich  Mathematical Ethics: Values, Valences and Virtue
Mario A. Natiello and Hernán G. SolariOn the Removal of Infinities from Divergent Series


For details of the Aims of the Journal and Editorial policy see earlier issues up to no. 19.  Graduate students are warmly invited to submit coursework assignments and theses for inclusion in this journal, to make available otherwise inaccessible resources for the benefit of the research community in mathematics education and/or the philosophy of mathematics.    

Format of submissions: There are no strict guidelines – authors are requested to make their submissions look like published papers – especially the first page headers etc.

Copyright Notice.  All materials published herein remain copyright of the named authors, or of the editor if unattributed. Permission is given to freely copy the journal contents on a not-for-profit basis, provided full credit is given to the author and the journal and that the integrity of papers is preserved.

Acknowledgement The journal is made possible by the generous support of University of Exeter. Especial thanks are due to Mike Jeffries-Harris for technical assistance.

Editor:  Professor Paul Ernest, University of Exeter, Graduate School of Education, St Lukes, Exeter EX1 2LU, U.K.  P.Ernest @,   Web:  
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