Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal
No. 31 (November 2016)

Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal        ISSN 1465-2978 (Online)

Editor: Paul Ernest

(Papers from Topic Study Group 53 at ICME 13, Hamburg July 2016)


Paul Ernest  An Overview of the Philosophy of Mathematics Education
Jean Paul Van Bendegem  Philosophy of Mathematical Practice: What is it All About?
Ole Skovsmose  Politics of Meaning in Mathematics Education
Ladislav Kvasz  The Language of Mathematics in a Historical, Epistemological, and Educational Perspective
Regina Möller  The Teaching of Velocity in Mathematics Classes – Chances for Philosophical Ideas
Maria Aparecida Viggiani Bicudo  Developments In Philosophy in/of Mathematical Education
Paul Ernest  The Collateral Damage of Learning Mathematics
Iskra Nunez  Theoretical Incompleteness: A Driving Mechanism of Evolution in Mathematics Education Research
Jeff Evans & Keiko Yasukawa  Researchers as Policy Actors? Examining interactions between mathematics education research and PIAAC
Bronislaw Czarnocha, William Baker & Olen Dias  The Ockham Razor of Creativity Research In Mathematics Education
Jessica Kunsteller Using Family Resemblances for Elaborating Mathematical Rules in Classroom Communication
Michael Meyer  Concept Formation as a Rule-Based Use of Words
Nadia Stoyanova Kennedy  Opening a Philosophical Space in the Mathematics Curriculum
Jörn Schnieder & Ingrid Scharlau  Reading Mathematical Texts with Philosophical Methods
Ryan A. Nivens & Samuel Otten  Journal Rankings and Representation in Mathematics Education
Uwe Schürmann  Mathematical Modelling and the Separation of Mathematics from Reality
Hilary Povey, Gill Adams, & Colin Jackson The Role of Exhibitions by Children in Making Mathematics
Peter Collignon  Teaching Applied Mathematics as a Bridge from Philosophy of Science to Philosophy of Mathematics Education
Durga Prasad Dhakal  Philosophy of Mathematics and its Relevance In Maths Classroom
Anderson Afonso da Silva & Maria Aparecida Viggiani Bicudo  The Production of Knowledge in Mathematics Education Research Groups in Brazil
Filipe Santos Fernandes  History of Scientific and Academic Production in Mathematics Education: Representation, Institution and Policy
Fayez M. Mina  Complexity and Mathematics Education
Allan Tarp  From Essence to Existence in Mathematics Education
Fernanda Aparecida Ferreira & Cintia A. Bento dos Santos  Possibilities of the Phenomenological Approach and of Philosophical Hermeneutics in Type Search State of Art
Karla Sepúlveda Obreque & Javier Lezama Andalón  Epistemology of Teachers about the Mathematical Knowledge
Taís Barbariz  Geometry: Of What it Treats?


Aim of the Journal The aim is to foster awareness of philosophical aspects of mathematics education and mathematics, understood broadly to include most kinds of theoretical reflection and research in mathematics education; to freely disseminate new thinking and to encourage informal communication, dialogue and international co-operation between teachers, scholars and others engaged in such research and reflection.

Editorial policy.  This is an international refereed journal that aims to stimulate the sharing of research for no reason other than a love of ideas and their discussion. The editorial hand is used very lightly. Many types of submission  are welcome including papers, short contributions, discussions, provocations, reactions or reviews. Graduate students are warmly invited to submit relevant assignments and theses for inclusion in the journal, to make resources available to the research community, that might otherwise be inaccessible, in mathematics education and/or the philosophy of mathematics. Already published papers and conference presentations can be republished in this journal to broaden their availibilty, provided authors obtain any necessary permisions.

Format of submissions: Please send any items for inclusion to the editor as a virus-checked attachment in MS Word or compatible formats. There are no strict guidelines – authors are requested to make their submissions look like previously published papers – especially the first page headers, etc.

Refereeing: All papers are submitted to peer-review on which decisions whether to accept, require revisions or reject are based.

Copyright Notice.  All materials published herein remain copyright of the named authors, or of the editor if unattributed. Permission is given to freely copy the journal contents on a not-for-profit basis, provided full credit is given to the author and the journal, and the integrity of papers is preserved.

Acknowledgement The journal is made possible by the generous support of University of Exeter Graduate School of Education STEM Research Centre. Special thanks are due to Jo Moncur and the Research Centre director Professor Rupert Wegerif.

Editor:  Professor Paul Ernest, University of Exeter, Graduate School of Education, St Lukes, Exeter EX1 2LU, U.K.  P.Ernest @