Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal
No. 34 (December 2018)

Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal        ISSN 1465-2978 (Online)

Editor: Paul Ernest



Danny Bernard Martin  Not-So-Strange Bedfellows: Racial Projects and the Mathematics Education Enterprise
Tamsin Meaney  Reaction to: Danny Martin  Not-so-strange bedfellows: Racial projects and the mathematics education enterprise
Anna Chronaki  Racism as Gazing Bodies: From ‘body-color’ epistemology to epistemic violence A response to: Danny Martin  Not-so-strange bedfellows
Ole Ravn Christensen  Order of the World or Order of the Social – A Wittgensteinian Conception of Mathematics and its Importance for Research in Mathematics Education
Anna Llewellyn  ‘Maths with Sam and Alex’: A Discussion of Choice, Control and Confidence
Isabel Cafezeiro, Ricardo Kubrusly and Ivan da Costa Marques  Paulo Freire and Mathematics, For a Situated Approach of Mathematics
P. Janelle McFeetors  Conversation as a Space for Students’ Learning to Learn in Mathematics Class: Re-visioning Communicative Interactions
Reuben Hersh  Our System of University Mathematics
Paul Ernest  Ethics and Mathematics?
Peter Weng & Uffe Thomas Jankvist Communication competency as an indicator for mathematical giftedness
Yasmine Abtahi  Reflections on the Combination of the Theoretical Ideas of Piaget and Vygotsky with an Emphasis on the Role of Others
Wajeeh Daher  A Teacher's Ideology and its Impact on Students’ Positioning in Problem Solving

Aim of the Journal The aim is to foster awareness of philosophical aspects of mathematics education and mathematics, understood broadly to include most kinds of theoretical reflection and research in mathematics education; to freely disseminate new thinking and to encourage informal communication, dialogue and international co-operation between teachers, scholars and others engaged in such research and reflection.

Editorial policy. The editorial hand is used very lightly.  This is an international refereed journal which aims to stimulate the sharing of ideas for no reason other than an interest in these ideas and love of discussion among its contributors and readers. Please send any items for inclusion to the editor as a virus-checked attachment in MS Word or compatible formats. Many types of item are welcome including papers, short contributions, letters, discussions, provocations, reactions, or reviews. Graduate students are warmly invited to submit assignments and theses for inclusion in this journal, to make available otherwise inaccessible resources for the benefit of the research community in mathematics education and/or the philosophy of mathematics.

Format of submissions: There are no strict guidelines – authors are requested to make their submissions look like previously published papers – especially the first page headers etc.

Refereeing: All papers are submitted to peer-review on which basis the decision is made whether to accept, require revisions or reject.

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