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BAAL / Cambridge University Press Seminar 2021-22: Going Meta: Bringing together an understanding of metadiscourse with students’ metalinguistic understanding.

Current research on metadiscourse and metalinguistic understanding for writing exist as very separate fields of enquiry with little or no interaction between the two. Methodologically, metadiscourse tends to be explored through corpus studies whilst metalinguistic understanding is researched through qualitative methods, reflecting the fact that metadiscourse has a textual focus, whilst metalinguistic understanding for writing has a writer focus. This seminar series brings together international researchers in these two fields to explore the synergies between these two and establish more helpful ways to advance both future research and pedagogical practice with a more coherent mode of their inter-relationship.

Bringing researchers in metadiscourse and metalinguistic understanding together, across both L1 and L2 research, will create a productive opportunity to consider the mutual insights from the two fields, or indeed identify any tensions or dissonances which may exist. Importantly, the seminar series will explore both theoretical research issues around metalinguistic understanding and metadiscourse and also the pedagogical implications of this. We hope the Seminar series will identifying fruitful further lines of research inquiry, and powerful potential impact on the teaching and learning of writing by bringing together both textual practices and writer understanding.

This Seminar Series should be of interest not only to researchers specifically looking at metadiscourse or metalinguistic understanding, but also more broadly to anyone interested in research in writing and its implications for learning and teaching.

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Around the World in 88 Tales

A programme of live and digital storytelling from across the globe, inspired by objects Exeter’s Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM).

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28 November 202211:00

Language & Education Network Research Seminar - Investigating vocabulary in academic spoken English of Business lectures in China

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14 December 202210:00

Language and Education Network - Seminar - Bibliometrics: Application to Language Education and Relevance to Postgraduate Research Projects

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