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Professor Anna Craft (10 December 1961 - 11 August 2014)

Academic Lead for Creativity, the Arts and Educational Futures (2007-2014)

Anna Craft memorial page

About us

About us

CEEN is comprised of core and associate members that include academic staff based in the Graduate School of Education (GSE), doctoral students and a number of national and international affiliates. Current members already collaborate on a number of national and international research funded projects

Our aim is to grow and support an eclectic, open and flexible network of researchers and thinkers who mutually inspire each other. Underpinning our multiple perspectives is the idea of ‘plurilogicality’, which challenges dominant linear, ‘monological’ understandings conducted exclusively within one point of view or frame of reference. This stance positions much of our research as inter-disciplinary.

Interested parties (including students and staff from within and outside of the University of Exeter and from any discipline) are welcome to join CEEN. Please contact Dr Kerry Chappell or Dr Deborah Osberg for further details.

Dr Kerry ChappellAssociate Professor in Education, GSE Network leader
Dr Jonathan Doney, Lecturer in Education, GSE Core member
Dr Fran MartinHonorary Research Fellow Core member (Honorary)
Dr Deborah OsbergSenior Lecturer in Education, GSE Core member (retired)
Dr Thomas Ralph, Senior Lecturer in Education, GSE Core member
Sarah Campbell, Associate Director of Arts and Culture, UoE Associate member
Professor Justin Dillon,  Professor of Science and Environmental Education Associate member
Professor Paul Ernest,  Emeritus Professor in Mathematics Education Associate member

Dr Lindsay HetheringtonSenior Lecturer in Education, GSE

Associate member

Dr Karen Kenny, Academic Developer, UoE

Associate member

Dr Katie Natanel, Lecturer, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, UoE

Associate member

Dr Andrew Richards, Senior Lecturer in Educational Psychology, Graduate School of Educaton, UoE 

Associate member

Dr Manal Sabbah, Honorary Associate Research Fellow, Graduate School of Education, UoE

Associate member

Dr Judith Kleine Staarman, Senior Lecturer in Education, Graduate School of Education, UoE

Associate member

Dr Salah TroudiSenior Lecturer in Education, GSE

Associate member 

Dr Erin Walcon, Associate Lecturer, Drama Department, UoE

Associate member

Dr Anthony WilsonSenior Lecturer in Education, GSE

Associate member




Yasamiyan Almasoudi

Barriers and opportunities for practising creative teaching in primary level schools in Saudi Arabia for gifted students.

Associate Professor Kerry Chappell

Sue Benton

Inclusivity or integration? An exploration of inclusive mainstream education for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Dr Hannah Anglin-Jaffe

Ursula Crickmay

Exploring co-becomings in creative music workshop practices.

Associate Professor Kerry Chappell

Richard D’Souza

Constructing a grounded theory for assessing creativity in children’s narrative writing

Professor Deborah Myhill and Dr Anthony Wilson

Riadh Ghemmour

Students’ lived experiences in learning the craft of research and conducting MA dissertations in education in Algeria.

Associate Professor Salah Troudi

James Hunt

How an active pedagogy influences the teaching of, and learning about Shakespeare in Key Stage 4

Associate Professor Kerry Chappell

Nancy Katingma Day

Towards a philosophy of education for music education in contemporary Kenya

Dr Jonathan Doney and Dr Deborah Osberg

Alison Pearson

Sustaining a teaching career: Listening to teachers' reasons for staying in the profession

Dr Karen Walshe

Alice Potter

The inclusion of children with lesbian or gay parents.

Associate Professor Alexandra Allen

Anneke Schmidt

Discovering views of the divine: An inter-religious, transcendence- orientated approach to theological content in religious education.

Dr Karen Walshe and Professor Rob Freathy

Chryssa Sgouridou


Associate Professor Lindsay Hetherington

Rui Shu

How can traditional culture and creative novelty be symbiotic in Chinese higher education in dance?

Associate Professor Kerry Chappell

Elsa Urmston

The pedagogy of periodization in vocational dance training.

Associate Professor Kerry Chappell

Dr Sharon Witt

Becoming lost within relational, democratic geographical fieldwork spaces

Dr Deborah Osberg and Associate Professor Kerry Chappell

Heather Wren

An affective, embodied empathy for environmental education.

Associate Professor Kerry Chappell





Dr Alydh Aljeddani

Incorporating sustainable development in social studies and citizenship education curriculum: A collaborative community of practice case study in a Saudi High School context.

Dr Fran Martin

Dr Shazia Awan Nawaz

English language teachers’ perceptions of academic integrity and classroom behaviour of culturally diverse adult English Language Learners (ELLs) in Canada: A critical perspective.

Dr Fran Martin

Dr Andrea Blair

Being in Brazil: An autoethnographic account of becoming ethically responsible as a practitioner-researcher in education.

Dr Fran Martin

Dr Caroline Emeka-Ogbonnia

An emancipatory approach in the use of entertainment in non-formal education for community change.

Dr Deborah Osberg

Dr Linzi McKerr

Birth, death and survival: An Arendtian analysis of pre-service teacher identity on the PGCE route.

Dr Fran Martin

Dr Chris Turner

Education as Aesthoecology

Dr Emese Hall and Dr Deborah Osberg

Dr Sharon Witt



Patricia Angoy  
Oded Ben-Horin Head of Dept., Institute for Arts Education / Associate Professor
Deputy Chair, Center of Creativities, Arts and Science in Education (CASE)
Karen Chandler  Associate Professor, Practice Learning, Kingston University
Dr Sarah Chave Honorary Associate Research Fellow
Dr Helen Clark To follow
Teresa Cremin Professor of Education (Literacy) at The Open University
Patrick Dillon  Visiting Professor, Philosophy, University of Eastern Finland
Katherine Evans  
Keri Facer Professor of Educational & Social Futures, University of Bristol
Maria Falkembach  
Vlad Glaveanu Associate Professor, Webster University Geneva
Professor James Kaufman NEAG School of Education at University of Connecticut 
Martin Levinson  Professor of Education, Bath Spa University
Fatima Pirbhai-Illich Professor, Language and Literacy Education, University of Regina
Manal Sabbah  
Alexander Schmoelz Department of Education at University of Vienna (Austria) 
Debbie E. Watson The Yet Project
Debbie Watson  Reader in Childhood Studies, University of Bristol 
Hen Wilkinson Director, Community Resolve 

Claire Van Rhyn

Royal College of Art