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Language and Education Network

This network draws together researchers who have an interest in the relationship between language and education.  This includes research into first and second language teaching and learning and research into the roles language plays in education more broadly.

The network aims to foster research collaboration between its members and to provide a community in which faculty and students with interests in these areas can share and explore ideas.

Members' interests to date encompass:

Second language teaching and learning

  • Language teacher cognition
  • Language teacher identities
  • L2 thinking skills
  • Language education and social cohesion
  • Vocabulary and formulaic language
  • Computer assistent language learning (CALL)

The roles of language in education

  • Language policy and practice in schools
  • Multilingualism in education
  • Academic language and discourse
  • Testing language proficiency for academic purposes
  • Use of L1 in second language education


  • The teaching of writing
  • Composing processes
  • Metalinguistic development
  • Talking about writing
  • Poetry pedagogy
  • Corpus linguistics