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These research projects are or have been undertaken at the Graduate School of Education as part of the Language and Education Network

Project leads

Title or project

Time frame 

Gabriela Meier, Esther Styger 

M-VOC: Multilingualism in vocational Education in Switzerland and Liechtenstein (Movetia) 

Jan 2022-Dec. 2023 

Gabriela Meier and colleagues from 6 Universities  

ENROPE : European Network for Junior Researchers in the Field of Plurilingualism and Education (Erasmus) 

August 2018 – July 2021 

Phil Durrant, Mark Brenchley 

Growth in Grammar: A Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Student Writing between 5 and 16 (ESRC) 

August 2015-July 2018  

Gabriela Meier, Simone Smala 

Languages and social cohesion: an interdisciplinary and systematic literature review 

Jan 2017 – Dec. 2021 

Gabriela Meier, Emese Hall, Tian Yan, Enjo Xuying Fan, Elaine Jingya Liu, Hamad Alshaikhi, Younis Al Shabibi 

Collaborative Drawing as a multimodal tool in language and content instruction 

Jan 2017 – Dec. 2018 

Gabriela Meier, Anita Wood 

Multilingual Socialisation: online self-study unit and research 

Jan 2018 – ongoing 

Salah Troudi (editor) 

Issues in international language teacher education, development, and evaluation: Challenges, opportunities, and innovations. Routledge  

Nov 2022 – ongoing 

Katie Howard, Sarah Oudet, Stephanie Durrleman 

Parent-led communication therapy programs for bilingual families of autistic children: A scoping review 

Oct 2022 – Oct. 2023