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Introduction to EPEE

About the project

About the project

About the project

About EPEE

Funded by Research Councils UK the Empowering Partnerships and Enabling Engagement (EPEE) initiate was part of a wider programme which aimed to develop more effective engagements between researchers, local schools and pupils:

Throughout the project, early career researchers and lead subject academics brought their subject knowledge and innovative research, the Graduate School of Education and teachers in partner schools brought their knowledge of pedagogy, teaching and learning, student motivations and assessment strategies; and finally the young people in schools brought their questions, ambitions and enthusiasm, and evaluations of projects and events.

EPEE was built upon four research themes, drawing on researchers from the Environment and Sustainability Institute in Cornwall; the Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing; the EGENIS Centre researching the social impacts of genomic science; and the Centre for Risk and Ambiguity in economics:

  • Science and Mathematics
  • Technology and Engineering
  • Philosophy of Contemporary Dilemmas
  • Economic Understanding

The Empowering Partnerships project provided opportunities to establish strategic and sustainable partnerships between schools and the university, which in turn generated effective and engaging interactions between researchers, students and teachers. The project aimed to support researchers, particularly early career researchers, to develop the transferable and career management skills in the context of a work environment and to expose them to the world of work beyond HE.

Across each theme the project developed a wide range of research engagement activities which addressed two main aims:

1. Communicating contemporary research to enhance the curriculum

Activities addressing this aim were concerned with a broad student audience, seeking to make cutting-edge research accessible and meaningful to the everyday lives of young people, and to support teachers in integrating contemporary research appropriately into the curriculum.

2. Engaging students from a diversity of backgrounds and abilities to raise ambition

Activities addressing this aim were concerned with reaching and enthusing disadvantaged students and raising their aspirations and ambition for their future careers. These activities were characterised by sustained intense engagement with students over a period of time, for example, through one-to-one mentoring in mathematics, or a series of practical engineering sessions at the university.

This website is designed for use by researchers and schools. It draws on the learning from the EPPE project and provides guidance and resources throughout. Whether you are researcher planning a lesson, or looking to evaluate your activity, or a school teacher looking for researchers to partner - this site contains a host of helpful guidance. The site is broken down into three main sections, resources for researchers, for schools and case studies that showcase the range of activity that is possible. On you will find an introduction, top tips and guidance, links to related content and resources. Several of the pages contain video diaries of the people involved in the project to illustrate some of the resources and guidance you will find here. If you are looking to train researchers on how to work with schools, we have also provided links to our training resources. 


Case study

In this video key partners involved in the EPEE project share their experiences and describe one of the activities that have arisen from the programme.


Case study

In this video researchers from the University of Exeter’s Philosophy department describe the aims of EPEE, and how it has helped them to share their passion for their subject with young people.