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Benefits of working with schools


Working with schools is an excellent way of engaging young people and bringing your research area to life. For young people it can help enrich their subject knowledge, bring new and exciting activities into the classroom, and provide a window into the world of research and what it is like to work at or study at a University.

There are also many ways in which it can benefit you and your research, these include:

  • It is fun and can help you share your enthusiasm for your subject with others.
  • It can help you develop your communication skills, improving your teaching and also helping you develop more engaging presentations.
  • You can develop a range of transferable skills such as project management, partnership work, evaluation, self-reflection and adapting your approach to work with different audiences and institutions.
  • It can help build your confidence for engaging the public with research.
  • Young people can offer you a new perspective on your research through their questions and responses.

There are a range of activities that you might develop with schools in mind, depending on your subject area, the age groups you want to work with and what you want to achieve. We have compiled a range of case studies from the EPEE project which we hope will act as inspiration for what you can do.

If you are just starting out at engaging with schools, you might like to start with our guide to planning an engaging lesson which covers some of the basics for developing and structuring a lesson plan, or our guide to working with schools which provides top tips for how to plan an activity and pitch it to schools.

Case study - resource

In this video resource Associate Professor Michael Hauskeller talks about the EPEE project and the how it has enabled researchers to become more proficient engagers.