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Why partner with a University

Engaging young people with the world of research can be a rewarding experience for everyone. 

Pupils can be inspired by researchers, research itself, and visits to university. A subject can often be brought to life by an expert in a field. Engaging young people in real life research can also better equip them to discuss and explore issues that are controversial and where there is often no single solution. Teachers can benefit too, with the opportunity to develop knowledge, build confidence and widen research horizons. 

You can develop and deepen links between your school and the university. There are lots of different activities where schools can work with researchers. 

  • Helping with practical projects and experiments, or performing demonstrations (in school or at university)
  • Running an engaging workshop, relating to the researcher’s subject area, to support or enhance the curriculum
  • Working with after school/lunchtime clubs
  • Mentoring pupils
  • Getting students into the university for a tour
  • Teachers working with researchers to help develop the teacher’s knowledge of contemporary research
  • Getting involved in the development of resources to be used in schools.

What schools can offer researchers: 

Schools have a lot of expertise to offer the university. You could for example: 

  • Work with researchers to plan research/apply for funding?
  • Lead training sessions for researchers on how to engage with your pupils?
  • Allow researchers in to observe your lessons?
  • Allow researchers access to your school to carry out research?
  • Co-design educational games/resources?

Case Study 

This video provides a really helpful overview of the impacts that arise through schools and universities partnering each other.