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Group thinking measure and collaborative learning in mathematics in the UK and Japan

1 September 2015 - 31 August 2016

PI/s in Exeter: Associate Professor Taro Fujita

Research partners: Dr Mikio Miyazaki (Shinshu University)

Funding awarded: £ 9,684

Sponsor(s): British Academy

About the research

Considering the fact that group thinking is a real and important phenomenon, it is surprising that while there are many tests of individual thinking there are none for group thinking. Employers want new recruits to be able to think well with others as a team. This project will investigate if the quality of group thinking impacts on learning in mathematics work comparing UK primary students with Japanese students. The outcomes of our study will be: a) understanding the features of successful group thinking in problem solving in mathematics in the UK and Japan; b) understanding how to teach for successful collaborative group work in problem solving in mathematics, and c) a project website which include the group thinking test, information on key features, case studies, and other relevant information. We consider these outcomes highly beneficial as they will inform instructional approaches for both educational researchers and practitioners to facilitate effective group work.


British Academy