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Many Names: One Community

Exeter Diocesan Training College (1838-1930)
Originally in Cathedral Close, the College moved to its current location and was opened on 18 October (St Luke's Day) 1854. It was unofficially known as St Luke's from this time.

St Luke's Church of England College (1930-1978)

School of Education (1978-2001)
Renamed when it became part of the University of Exeter in 1978, the campus becoming known as St Luke's Campus.

School of Education and Lifelong Learning (2001-2009)

Graduate School of Education(2009-present)

In memoriam

We are grateful to those members of the School who came before us; for the contributions they made, for the ways they have shaped our School throughout its long history, and for simply having the opportunity to learn from and alongside them.

We celebrate their lives below.

If there is someone you would like to see commemorated on this page, or if you have additional information to add, please contact us.

David Morrish
Passed away 14 February 2018
Geography tutor 

Geoff Edmondson, OBE
Student of St Luke's College, 1960
Lecturer in Physical Education, 1988-2013

Professor Anna Craft
Academic Lead for Creativity, the Arts and Educational Futures, 2007-2014

Professor Bob Burden
Head of the School of Education, 1999-2002

Linda Rolfe
Senior Lecturer in Dance Education

Freddie Smith
Died peacefully 23 May 2009
Head of English at St Luke's College, 1956-1978

John Thacker
Passed away 10 May 2009
Director of Masters in Educational Psychology

Professor Ted Wragg
Director of the School of Education, 1978-1994