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Accredited Schools

Below you will find details and links of all our current accredited schools.  

There have been over 150 accreditation assessments since the thinking school concept was established by Professor Bob Burden in 2006 (‌Accreditation Statistics).

School Level Report and School URL Link
All Faiths Children's Academy 1

All Faiths Children's Academy

Alwoodley Primary School 1

Alwoodley Primary School 2021

Barton Court Grammar School 2

Barton Court Grammar School Report 2023

Cedar Children's Academy 2

Cedar Children's Academy 2022

East Sheen Primary School 1

East Sheen Primary School 2021

Danescourt Primary School 2

Danescourt Primary School 2020

Durban Girls' College (Junior Primary) 1

Durban Girls' College (Junior Primary) Report 2022Durban Girls' College (Junior Primary) Report 2022

Falcons School for Girls and Peregrines Nursery 1

Falcons School for Girls and Peregrines Nursery 2021

Goodwin Academy 1

Goodwin Academy Report 2022

Hillcross Primary School 1

Hillcross Primary School Level 1 January 2020

Holcombe Grammar School 2

Holcombe Grammar School report 2022

Jawatha Private Schools 1

Jawatha Private Schools Report 2023 

Maidstone Grammar School for Girls 2

Maidstone Grammar School for Girls Advanced Re-accreditation 2018

Meon Junior School 1

Meon Junior School 2021

New Horizons Children's Academy  2

New Horizons Childrens Academy Report 2022

New Horizons Primary School 1

New Horizons Primary School Report 2022

Notting Hill Preparatory School 2

Notting Hill Preparatory School 2021

Oaklands Junior School 1

Oaklands Junior School Report 2022

Penbridge Junior School (formerly Newbridge Junior School) 2

Penbridge Junior School Report 2023

Roedean School 2

Roedean School L2 February 2020 

Stanley Park Infants' School 2

Stanley Park Infants School February 2020

St Edmund's Catholic Primary School and Nursery 1

St Edmund's Catholic Primary School and Nursery report 2022

The Charles Dickens School 1

The Charles Dickens School report 2022

The Gordon Children's Academy 1

The Gordon Children's Academy 2022

The Mountain Cambridge School 1

The Mountain Cambridge School Report 2022

The Portsmouth Academy 2

The Portsmouth Academy Level 2 2020

The Rochester Grammar School 2

The Rochester Grammar School Report 2022

The Victory Academy 2

The Victory Academy Report 2022 

Trinity St. Peter's CE Primary 1

Trinity St. Peter's CE Primary School Level 1 2019

 Vilnius Kindergarten Gelynas  1

Vilnius Kindergarten Gelynas

Vilnius Kindergarten Zemyna 1

Vilnius Kindergarten Zemyna