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Research projects

These are just some of our current and recently completed research projects involving TS@Exeter affiliates.  


Malcolm Richards: A rigid refusal to look at ourselves? Funds of resistance, progressive teaching and 'Black' digital resources for dialogue in United Kingdom (UK) schools

This research project examines how teachers relate their own 'funds of knowledge' of ‘Black’ identities and cultural community domains, to mediate digital resources used to facilitate critical dialogue within UK primary and secondary schools. The results from this study will inform the author’s PhD study (to be submitted in 2023). Malcolm is supervised by Dr Judith Kleine Staarman and Dr Alexandra Allan.


Shirley Bawang: Exploring how critical thinking is taught in Primary and Secondary Schools in the UK and the Philippines

Research project for an MA dissertation, to be submitted in September 2021.


Jason Wallien: Exploring the role of technology for developing Thinking Skills for students with SEMH needs

Research project for an MA dissertation, to be submitted in September 2021.


Developing group thinking measure test with mobile technology

1 September 2017 - 31 August 2018
Researcher: Dr Taro Fujita
Researcher: Dr Judith Kleine-Staarman
Research partners: Prof Mikio Miyazaki and Mr Koki Yui (Shinshu University)
Funding awarded to Exeter £ 7,000
Sponsor(s): Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation


Connecting science and mathematics instruction in schools through exploratory talk and inquiry

10 August 2016 - 10 August 2019
Researcher: Dr Nasser Mansour
Research partners: University of Waikato, New Zealand and National Priority Research Program NCED, Qatar University
Sponsor(S): Qatar National Research Fund


Group thinking measure and collaborative learning in mathematics in the UK and Japan

1 September 2015 - 31 August 2016
Researcher: Dr Taro Fujita
Research partners: Dr Mikio Miyazaki (Shinshu University)
Funding awarded to Exeter £ 9,684
Sponsor(s): British Academy