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Our work

In addition to TS@Exeter's specific role of evaluating and accrediting thinking schools, TS@Exeter provides support and advice related to research on teaching thinking, group thinking and dialogue, creativity, metacognition, and teachers’ professional development. Research in these areas has been a specific focus at the University of Exeter for a significant time and TS@Exeter has strong links with the THINK Network, the Centre for Research in STEM Education, the Centre for Research in Professional Learning, and the Creativity and Emergent Educational Futures Network.  

The Thinking Schools educational approach was devised by Professor Bob Burden, who alongside TS@Exeter assessors and associates and Thinking Matters, established the ‘Thinking School’ incorporating the principles of a wide range of approaches to teaching thinking (viz. Lipman; Hyerle; De Bono; Costa; Gardner) into school curriculum practice principles. TS@Exeter continues to collaborate closely with Thinking Matters and other practitioners, meanwhile remaining an independent University-based unit. We continue to develop our world-leading research into Teaching Thinking and related areas, for instance through the work of Professor Anna Craft in Creative Thinking, Professor Rupert Wegerif in Dialogic Education, Professor Vivienne Baumfield in the professional development of teachers, Dr Shirley Larkin in metacognition, and Dr Judith Kleine Staarman, the current director of Thinking Schools @Exeter, in Digital Technology and Group Thinking.

The Graduate School of Education offers an MA Technology, Creativity and Thinking in Education, led by Dr Judith Kleine Staarman. In this programme, offered full and part time on campus and part-time via distance learning, students explore how teaching and learning needs to adapt to meet the needs of future learners, with a particular focus on new technologies to develop students’ Thinking Skills and Creativity.  See our research activity for some of our MA student research dissertation topics.