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Exeterpartner Research Community

The Exeterpartner Research Community (EPRC) is a new and evolving initiative and operates alongside Thining Schools @Exeter.  The EPRC is designed to support outstanding educational practice through bringing together teachers, researchers in education, and experts and practitioners from other fields to develop innovative and rigorous approaches to teaching and learning. EPRC offer a wide range of opportunities for schools to get involved in research, and a range of tools and expertise for schools to draw on in developing their own research-informed teaching.  Through EPRC, GSE staff can provide CPD for teachers (or other people who work in education-related fields) which is designed to enable them to conduct and share their own rigorous, informed research as a way of developing practice.

The Exeterpartner Research Community is also linked to the Chartered College of Teaching regional hub, South West Excellence in Education for Teachers (SWEET), which runs free termly CPD events.

For further infomration about the EPRC and access to the ‘Resources’ section of the EPRC website, please contact Annabel Watson to register your interest and collect a password.

Annabel Watson