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Thinking Schools @Exeter Team

TS@Exeter is coordinated by a core team of staff based within or affiliated with Graduate School of Education.


Dr Judith Kleine Staarman

Judith is a Senior Lecturer in Education in the Graduate School of Education.  Judith's research focuses on understanding the social, discursive and temporal nature of teaching and learning processes. She undertakes research into the role of dialogue for teaching and learning, in particular through and around interactive technologies.  Judith also leads on the Master's programme specialism in Technology, Creativity and Thinking.


Fiona Knapp

Fiona has been involved with primary education for more than thirty-five years and was a Headteacher for fourteen years. She is passionate about children’s learning, and has had extensive experience in the primary school sector. She is now a freelance educational consultant and works with schools across the UK and worldwide leading a range of training in developing children’s learning and thinking.


Dr Judy Silver

Dr Judy Silver is a specialist teacher and trainer in Feuerstein’s methods of cognitive education, with a wealth of experience in both classroom and clinical practice.  She is passionate about the human capacity for growth, and dedicated to helping all individuals reach their full potential.


Professor Lena Green

Lena is currently Professor in the Faculty of Education, University of the Western Cape, South Africa.  She was previously involved in the training of educational psychologists and counsellors at both the University of Capetown and UWC.   Lena has had a longstanding interest in cognitive education and is a member and past President of the South African branch of the International Association for Cognitive Education and Psychology.


Dr Margo Greenwood

Margo is currently leading full-time education and social inclusion research at iNGO Sightsavers, but also continues to carry out thinking school accreditations for TS@Exeter.  Margo designs and undertakes participatory research on inclusive education and, more broadly, equity, empowerment and human rights in the global South, mainly in East and West Africa, Bangladesh and Pakistan.


Mrs Bernadette Hancock

Bernadette is a former primary headteacher with over forty years in primary education. Throughout her career, she has dedicated herself in involving pupils and staff in learning how to think reflectively, critically and creatively to co-construct a meaningful curriculum. As a school improvement adviser for schools in South Wales she was able to help schools improve and become more learning focused. She is an Inspector for Estyn and a freelance educational consultant.


Professor Vivienne Baumfield

Vivienne is Professor of Professional Learning, Director of Research for the Graduate School of Education and co-convenor of the Centre for Research in Professional Learning.  Vivienne's research focuses on the interaction of research, policy and practice when university-based researchers work with practitioners in the creation and translation of knowledge across contexts.   This interest is linked to the wider issue of understanding the relationship between theory and practice in professional learning and is grounded in a perspective derived from pragmatism.  


Dr Shirley Larkin

Dr. Shirley Larkin is a Senior Lecturer at the Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter. Shirley’s research focuses on metacognition and self regulated learning particularly but not exclusively in primary education. Research projects have included metacognition and science education, metacognition and writing, metacognition and religious education and metacognition and TESOL.


Dr Li Li

Li is an Associate Professor in Language Education and Director of MEd in TESOL in the Graduate School of Education. Educated in China and UK as an applied linguist, she has been involved in English language teaching and research for nearly twenty years.  Her research areas include cognition and language, thinking skills, interaction and technology.  Her most recent project is the publication of her book Social Interaction and Teacher Cognition (Edinburgh University Press).


Dr Taro Fujita

Taro is a Senior Lecturer in mathematics education in the Graduate School of Education. He trained as a primary and secondary school teacher in Japan, and completed his PhD at the University of Southampton. His current research interests include the history of mathematics education, the teaching and learning of geometry in lower secondary schools, deductive reasoning and intuitive skills in geometry and the use of technology in mathematics education.  His latest research project is looking to develop a group thinking measure using mobile technology.


Dr Dave Walters

Dave is a former secondary school deputy head in an 11-19 community college in the South West of England where he was responsible for assessment, evaluation, monitoring, professional development and interventions (attainment, progress and behaviour). He has over 25 years teaching experience in the secondary sector along with over 20 years in higher education. His research interests are in the areas of learning, teaching, assessment, evaluation, leadership, cognitive education and ‘living theory’ approaches to action research.


Ms Jo Smithson

Jo has been an administrator supporting the Graduate School of Education for a number of years, working closely with the research centres and networks affiliated with TS@Exeter.  In addition to supporting TS@Exeter Jo is Executive Assistant to the Head of the Graduate School of Education and manages the GSE Lecture Series.