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School of Education

Professor Peter Preece

Professor Peter Preece

Emeritus Professor



Academic Record

The Queen's College, Oxford (Hastings Scholar)

            Honour Moderations in Natural Science 1960: 1st Class

            Final Honour School in Natural Science (Physics) 1962:  1st Class

            MA degree awarded in 1967

Oxford University Department of Education

            Diploma in Education 1963: distinction

Institute of Physics

            Elected a Member in 1971

            Elected a Fellow in 1982

Exeter University

            PhD degree awarded in 1975

1970                Lecturer in Education, University of Exeter

1979                Senior Lecturer in Education

1991                Reader in Education

1996                Professor of Education

2003                Emeritus Professor

Editor Emeritus of Research Papers in Education.

Author of about 120 publications, mostly on research in education.

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Journal articles

Preece PFW, Postlethwaite K, Skinner NC, Simpson K (2004). Investigating the 'failure-of-further-learning' effect in pre-service science teacher education. International Journal of Science Education, 26(7), 805-820. Abstract.
Preece, P.F.W. (2003). The Use of Information and Communication Technology to Support the Teaching of Science in Primary Schools. International Journal of Science Education, 25(2), 205-220.
Preece, P.F.W. (2002). Equal-interval measurement: the foundation of quantitative educational research. Research Papers in Education, 17, 363-372.
Preece, P.F.W. (2001). Seeking simplicity: algebraic and topological modelling in educational research. Research Papers in Education, 16, 381-392.
Baxter, J.H. (2000). Scepticism and gullibility: the superstitious and pseudo-. \r scientific beliefs of secondary school students. International Journal of Science Education, 22, 1147-1156.

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