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Dr Antonio (Ono) Olmedo

Associate Professor in Education Policy Sociology


 01392 724943

 Baring Court BC210


Baring Court, University of Exeter St Luke's Campus, Heavitree Road, Exeter, EX1 2LU, UK


My academic work has always been directly connected with the area Education Policy Sociology and Social Theory. 

My research agenda has been shaped by the works of Michel Foucault and Pierre Bourdieu, and in a more direct and personal manner by the contributions and company of Prof. Stephen Ball. More specifically, it focusses on the analysis of neoliberal policy networks, the role of new policy actors, and the enactment of new solutions for social problems, with an emphasis on emerging patterns of privatisation, opportunity and inequalities in education policy. Over the past fifteen years, I have led and participated in several national and international research projects. 

I am a 'critical friend' of Education International (global union federation of teachers and other education employees) and school governor at a local primary school. This is a central part of my intellectual and social activity as I strongly believe that academic work should provide tools to understand and facilitate the construction of responses to the challenges posed by social change and social inequalities. 

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Research interests

My main research interests fall within the areas of:

  • Education policy and social justice: social inequalities and segregation.

  • Neoliberal policies and the creation of quasi-markets in education: privatisation, competition and school choice

  • The (re)creation of neoliberal subjectivities in education. 

  • Global policy networks: heterarchies, policy advocacy, philanthropy, and ‘edu-businesses’.

Research projects

2019 - 2020  

Project:  New landscapes and logics of competition in education: geography, demography and equity in English education policy

Role:  Principal Investigator

Funding institution: Research Incentivisation Fund, University of Bristol

Amount: £4030



Project:  The multiple facets of philanthropic participation and the reconfiguration of the role of governments in education policy making

Role:  Co-Principal Investigator with Dr. Carolina Junemann

Funding institution: Education International – Global Federation of Teachers’ Unions

Amount: £10.000



Project:  Philanthrocapitalism: policy networks and the role of philanthropic governance in processes of privatisation of and in public education.

Role:  Principal Investigator

Funding institution: Education International – Global Federation of Teachers’ Unions

Amount: £15.000



Project: Philanthropy, Business and Education: market-based solutions to educational problems in developing countries.

Role:  Co-Principal Investigator with Prof. Stephen Ball

Funding institution: British Academy / Royal Society

Participant institutions:  Institute of Education, University of London.

Amount: £62.600


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