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Centre staff have authored, edited and collaborated on a number of publications.  Full listings of all publications can be found on our Staff profiles

Selected Books

Dillon, J. (2016). Towards a Convergence Between Science and Environmental Education: The Selected Works of Justin Dillon. New York: Routledge.

Reid, A., & Dillon, J. (2017). Environmental Education. London: Routledge.

Herbst, P., Fujita, T., Halverscheid, S., & Weiss, M. (2017). The Learning and Teaching of Geometry in Secondary Schools. London: Routledge.

Banerjee, P. (2017). Impact Assessment of STEM Initiatives in Improving Educational Outcomes. Bloomington IN: AuthorHouse.

Mansour, N., & Al-Shamrani, S. (2015). Science Education in the Arab Gulf States: Visions, Sociocultural Contexts and Challenges. Rotterdam: SensePublishers.

Ernest, P., Sriraman, B., & Ernest, N. (2015) Critical Mathematics Education. Theory, Praxis and Reality. Information Age Publishing.

Mansour, N., & Wegerif, R. (2013). Science Education for Diversity in the Knowledge Society: Theory and Practice, New York: Springer.


Selected Papers

Komatsu, K., Fujita, T., Jones, K., & Sue, N. (2018). Explanatory unification by proofs in a mathematics classroom. For the Learning of Mathematics, 38, 31-37.

Kim, M., Dillon, J., & Song, J. (2018). The factors and features of museum fatigue in science centres felt by Korean students. Research in Science Education.

Fujita, T., Jones, D. K., & Miyazaki. M. (2018). Learners' use of domain-specific computer-based feedback to overcome logical circularity in deductive proving in geometry. ZDM, 50(4), 699–713.

Wong, V., Dillon, J., & King, H. (2016). STEM in England: meanings and motivations in the policy arena. International Journal of Science Education. 38(15), 2346-2366.

Dillon, J., Stevenson, R.B., & Wals, A.E. (2016). Introduction to the special section Moving from citizen to civic science to address wicked conservation problems. Conservation Biology, 30(3), 450–455.

Tasquier, G., Levrini, O., & Dillon, J. (2016). Exploring students’ epistemological knowledge of models and modelling in science: results from a teaching/learning experience on climate change. International Journal of Science Education, 38(4), 539-563.


Selected Reports

Dillon, J., DeWitt, J., Pegram, E., Irwin, B., Crowley, K., Haydon, R., King. H., Knutson, K., Veall, D. and Xanthoudaki, M. (2016). A Learning Research Agenda for Natural History Institutions. London: Natural History Museum.


Journal Editorships

Environmental Education Research (Associate Editor - Professor Justin Dillon)

The International Journal for Technology in Mathematics Education (Editor-in-Chief - Dr Taro Fujita)

International Journal of Science Education (Editor - Professor Justin Dillon)

Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal (Lead Editor - Emeritus Professor Paul Ernest)

Studies in Science Education (Editor-in-Chief - Professor Justin Dillon)