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Learning for Teaching

Teaching and Learning modules for undergraduates and Masters students 2023-2024

Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers on which you can embark. Choosing a “learning for teaching” module will help you gain experience and insight into this challenging profession while studying for your undergraduate or Masters degree. To help you discover if teaching is right for you, or if you're just interested in developing your skills in this area, we have developed an accredited teaching experience module which is open to all second and third year undergraduates and masters students, regardless of subject or discipline.

These modules:

  • Give you experience of schools and professional knowledge to strengthen your application for teacher training
  • Develop your professional skills
  • Help give you a head start once you embark on a teacher training course
  • Are available in 15 and 30 credit versions
  • Can be taken by 2nd and 3rd year undergraduates and by most students undertaking a Masters course
  • Are open to students from any discipline in the University
  • Involve a school placement which can be undertaken at a time of your choice any time in term one.
  • There is a choice of placement type: online, face to face or a tutoring placement working with pupils from backgrounds of social or economic disadvantage

The modules are:

For students who will be in Year 2:

For students who will be in Year 3/4/M level: 


When online registration is open the Learning for Teaching modules should appear as available options: you can select one of these just as you would any other optional module.

In the unlikely event that places remain available after online registration has closed, you would apply through your Discipline Office to change an existing optional module to a Learning for Teaching module.

Please note that students who wish to take up the opportunity of a face to face school placement will have to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service declaration.

There is the option to undertake either a face to face placement based in a school, or an online placement or a tutoring placement working with pupils from backgrounds of social or economic disadvantage. Students on the 30 credit modules have 50 hours placement and students on the 15 redit modules have 25 hours of placement. The face to face placements take place in July, September or during term one. It is possible to undertake your placement in a school near your home rather than in the Exeter area. Students who choose the online placement, complete online placement materials during term one. These materials provide glimpses into real classrooms through the use of video footage and involve interactive discussions and teaching activities. Students are invited to an introductory lecture in May and at that point they decide which placement route works best for them. Students who complete a face to face placement will need to complete a DBS check prior to starting their school placement.

These modules are taught by experienced teachers, educational researchers and initial teacher education specialists from the Graduate School of Education. There is an introductory lecture in May, placements either in July, September or during term one and a series of 10 lectures and seminars in term two. The lectures and seminars cover topics such as, the purpose of education, social disadvantage, special educational needs, English as an additional language, the use of dialogue in the classroom, reflective practice and the future of classroom learning and technology.

To successfully complete the module, students must submit a portfolio of their engagement with school placement and a critical reflective essay on an educational theme which links theory and practice. There are no exams for this module.


Frequently asked questions about out 'Learning for Teaching' modules. 

If you have any further questions regarding placements please contact